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A Better Investment Philosophy

Loring Ward believes successful money management must be grounded in a sound, prudent and disciplined process that has stood the test of time. All of our SelectOne portfolios are:

  • Guided by 80+ Years of Academic and Behavioral Research
  • Grounded in Vast Global Diversification
  • Engineered, Monitored and Managed with Strict Discipline

Each Loring Ward portfolio is built using low-cost, institutional class funds and contains as many as 9,000 securities in 45 countries, representing 35 currencies and nine asset classes.

Traditional investment managers strive to beat the market by taking advantage of pricing "mistakes" and attempting to predict the future. This may prove costly and even futile. With Loring Ward's innovative, strategic asset class investing approach, Advisors no longer have to spend countless hours focused on trying to outguess the market. Instead, they can address what clients really want--a deeper more meaningful relationship focused on their most important long-term financial goals.

For more info, visit www.loringward.com/geneos

Loring Ward Investment Committee Video
The Loring Ward Investment Committee defines investment objectives, determines investment strategies and monitors our investment solutions to meet both the current and future needs of investors. Committee Members include both senior members of the Loring Ward team as well as outside experts such as Professor Meir Statman and Dr. Harry Markowitz. You can view this video to demonstrate the range of investment management and portfolio strategy expertise available to you through Loring Ward.

Focusing on What Really Matters
Too many Advisors focus on the one thing that they can't control – the stock market – instead of focusing on all the important areas that really matter to clients. Watch this two minute video to learn more.


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