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JAForlines Global (JFG) provides portfolio management for clients of select independent RIA's Broker/Dealers and their Registered Representatives. JFG takes a top-down macro view with global orientatition in constructing its portfolios. Our global allocation management style enables clients to obtain all three major asset classes - global equities, fixed income and alternatives - in one separately managed brokerage account.

Global Tactical Allocation Portfolio

The "flagship" portfolio of JFG employs the main strategic and tactical approaches of JFG and contains three asset classes in one brokerage account – equities, fixed income and alternatives (commodities and hard assets). The strategy targets long-term global macro-economic trends while utilizing shorter term economic variables in analyzing potential price movements in the three main asset classes.

The GTA portfolio holds fixed income investments in almost all market conditions, but has immense flexibility in holding equities, alternatives and cash. As a result, the level of investment risk in this portfolio may be lower than similar moderate allocation mutual funds. GTA employs larger and more frequent shifts in asset allocation to the modern volatile investment environment.

Why Partner With JAForlines

  • We believe global investing in all asset classes is critical to short and long-term success
  • We believe the vast majority of actively managed mutual funds with their high cost structures have failed investors in the last ten years. Further, the secular bear market has also destroyed "buy and hold" passive portfolios. JFG's solution is to use "active indexing" (with Exchange Traded Products) and employ global allocation principles to deliver a "state of the art" investment solution.
  • JFG's track record provides an exciting alternative to traditional mutual fund investments

Blackrock Interview with John Forlines III
John Forlines III discusses ETF strategies and investment advisor relationships.


JAForlines Global
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