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Fund Architects, LLC is a discretionary, fee-based money management firm providing professional dynamic asset allocation portfolios.

Fund Architects' mission is to build dynamic portfolios for today's ever-changing global markets. Our portfolios are known for their use of alternatives and their global nature. They are diversified by geographic location, asset classes, styles and other factors to provide investors suitable options based on their tolerances for risk or viewpoint. We are independent in our thinking and selection of funds and managers to best provide specific exposures in client portfolios. Fund Architects aims to provide a positive client experience by being focused on advisors and their clients. Our team is highly experienced and to learn more about these members visit:

Fund Architects is: Global. Dynamic. Independent.

We believe all investors should own a piece of the dynamic global economy. The global market is the foundation of our investors' portfolios, for it is one of the most powerful ways to diversify. Our strategic targets call for 40% exposure to international equities, fixed income, and real estate.

Economic cycles and valuations typically drive financial markets. Our understanding of these factors combined with in-depth knowledge of asset allocation techniques is vital to the way we construct and position portfolios as well as mitigate risk. Fund Architects diversifies investor's assets in those asset classes and strategies we believe will most likely provide the best overall risk-adjusted returns for the portfolio. We will dynamically manage these exposures based on our assessment of financial markets and economic conditions.

Fund Architects is an independent investment advisory firm. We receive no payment or benefits from the fund companies we select for our portfolios – we are not limited by business relationships or shelf space. We use our investment criteria to select appropriate funds and vehicles from among thousands that are available.

Fund Architects
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