Sometimes you get tempted - the grass seems greener on the other side. I bought into a lot of the hype about critical mass and such and left Geneos in 2005. It was the most painful move I ever made. After six months I came back and the first thing I did was buy stock in the company. The Geneos folks were generous and graceful when I left...and they kept the door open for my return. They saved my business.

- Geneos Advisor

As an Independent Financial Advisor you need a Broker-Dealer that truly partners with you in supporting your business on your way to achieving your goals and vision. Geneos takes that partnership very seriously. Our commitment to helping our advisors achieve their goals is what drives us every day.

The independent Broker-Dealer marketplace is crowded and often confusing as to who is offering what? At Geneos we are re-defining what a true independent Broker-Dealer should be and more importantly, not be.

As Geneos continues to strive to be the premier independent Broker-Dealer in the industry we have made a commitment to grow our firm to no more than 500 elite advisors. While limiting your growth may seem drastic we are firm believers that in this industry nothing destroys a great independent Broker-Dealer like rapid growth and ultimately just getting too big.